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kahani design

Creating means telling stories

"Kahani" comes from Hindi and means history. Because our designs tell a story – your story. Individual, unique, target-oriented. 

In order to find the right design story for your task, we translate different tools and approaches into the second, third or digital dimensions. We capture, analyze, change, structure, form, create, draw and overdraw. At the end of this process there are unmistakable statements. All in all, they tell a story – your very personal one!

Jasmine Zeindler Arnold

Milestones in my design career are the design school in Langenthal and the interior design and scenography studies at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in Basel. The cornerstones of my entrepreneurial career are a degree in organization and a certified business informatics specialist.

With this professional background, I develop design solutions that skillfully combine creativity, functionality and cost-effectiveness.

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